WDT Herbi Care Plus Powder

Complete food for herbivorous pets and reptiles.

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WDT Herbi Care Plus Pulver

WDT Herbi Care Plus Powder is a complete feed for herbivorous pets and reptiles.

Before force-feeding or nursing animals, a veterinarian must be sought out!

Herbi Care Plus can be used for the temporary diet of weakened animals or animals with a lack of appetite, for example because of dental problems, eating disorders and in convalescence. Due to its fine grained texture, the feed can be administered optimally via syringe or even probe.

The substance, rich in protein and fiber, is enriched with essential vitamins and trace elements. Thus, the composition is tailored perfectly to the needs of animals that have been weakened by a disease or by surgery. The application is therefore particularly suitable in convalescence. But also with inadequate food intake, for example caused by dental problems or diet change, the use of Herbi Care Plus is recommended because of its palatability. The liquid texture makes it possible to apply it by syringe or probe if the animal doesn't take it voluntarily. The high fiber content takes into account the physiological characteristics of the digestive tract of small herbivores. Herbi Care Plus should be mixed with water to form a ready-made porridge or a liquid food. The substance, rich in protein and fiber, is enriched with many vital vitamins and trace elements.

Special feed for small herbivore patients in need of intensive care

The gastro-intestinal tract (digestive system) of herbivorous domestic animals and reptiles is very sensitive. It depends on a regular and continuous supply of high fiber food. Due to even short periods of starvation, they can develop serious indigestion. Therefore a continuous intake of food is always essentially important in the treatment of the young patients, especially when treating systemic diseases.

Herbi Care Plus was designed especially for rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents and herbivorous reptiles to take special care of them in times of increased need. The special feed WDT Herbi Care Plus was designed by veterinarians. It can be administered to temporarily nurture weakened or anorexic herbivorous pets and reptiles.

With patients that cannot eat independently because of dental problems, a stabilisation of the general and the nutritional condition can take place. Here, a high-frequency sufficient feeding is necessary.

alpine grass flour, oatmeal flour, apple pomace, wheat flour source, lupine flour, yeast


crude protein 13,9%, crude fat 4,0%, crude fiber 18,3%, crude ash 8,4%


vitamin A 20000 IE, vitamin D³ 800 IE, vitamin C as L + ascorbic pure substance 10000 mg, vitamin K1 5,0 mg, vitamin E as tocopherol 400 mg, selenium as sodium selenite 0.5 mg copper as copper sulfate pentahydrate 5 mg


Weight Daily amount Number of measuring spoons
 0,25 kg 12 ml daily 1,5 water + 1 powder
0,5 kg 25 ml daily  3 water + 2 powder
1,0 kg 50 ml daily 6 water + 4 powder
1,5 kg 75 ml daily 9 water + 6 powder
2,0 kg 100 ml daily 12 water + 8 powder
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