CEVA Feliway Transport Spray 20 ml

Calming pheromone for cats

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CEVA Feliway Transport Spray 20 ml

Feliway® Pumpspray Company CEVA® with 60 ml content. Helps your cat to get used to new circumstances and environments as well as to feel immediately at home by using fragrances similar to the body (synthetic facial pheromone of cat). Likewise, the particular effect of odors is a soothing support for your pet in anxiety situations and new acclimatization.

Also in other stressful situations like a renovation, Silvester etc. Feliway can have positive influence on the behavior and well-being of your cat and reduce stress.

While applying Feliway® sprays, focus the real problem which needs to be corrected.


Synthetic pheromones of the cats face 2% Excipients ad 15 ml.

Application areas

Urine marking cat:

Before applying the Feliway® spray you should consult your veterinarian to rule out a urinary tract infection in your cat. Bring your cat out of the room before application. Clean the urine-spattered places with an odor-neutral cleaner. Not odorless cleaners may affect the action of Feliway® and by their smell they bring the cat to accurately mark these points again. Best for cleaning already marked areas and objects are alcoholic cleaner with 70% alcohol or vinegar cleaner, which are odorless after drying.

Shake the bottle before use and spray Feliway® once daily for at least thirty days on the affected areas. The first improvements to the behavior arise usually earlier. To avoid relapses, the specified application period of thirty days must be respected. After using the spray, the cat may enter the treated ares again after 15 minutes. If electrical appliances are affected by urine marking: Separate them before spraying with Feliway® from the mains and leave to cool the equipment completely. Before connecting the equipment Feliway® must be completely dry to prevent technical damage.

Scratch marking cat:

Bring the cat out of the room. Shake the bottle before use and spray the affected areas once daily for at least a period of thirty days straight. The first improvements to the behavior arise usually earlier.

The use of Feliway® spray can be stopped if the cat places its own facial pheromones (by rubbing her head) to the areas sprayed with Feliway®.

Never punish your cat for urinating or scratch marking as this will only unnecessarily increases the cat's stress and thus make the problem worse.

Your cat is living in multi-cat household:

Apply the spray Feliway® as already described, and increase the application frequency to two times daily for at least a period of 45 days. In addition, we recommend the use of the nebulizer Feliway® to reduce the stress level in total.

More confidence for your cat:

Spray the Feliway® spray on doors, pet door, window frames and other prominent areas in the home. To increase the confidence of your cat spray Feliway® at a height of twenty cm from the ground to the ranges described above
in the absence of your cat. Wait fifteen minutes before the cat is again allowed in treated Feliway® room so the smell of alcoholic Feliway has faded.

Synthetic pheromones of the cats face 2% Excipients ad 15 ml. A Flacon lasts for about 4 weeks.
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