BIODOR® ANIMAL Odour Remover from WDT

Odour remover and cleanser for animal odours.

Article Number: 20532-1

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BIODOR® ANIMAL 1000 ml for Pets
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BIODOR® ANIMAL excellently eliminates odours that develop at the decomposition of organic materials like urine, saliva, faeces in water or sweat. In order to achieve this, the lactic acid bacteria contained in BIODOR® ANIMAL penetrates the pores of the surface and decomposes the odour developing organic residues deposited there. Coliforms and ammonia-producing bacteria are removed.

  • Concentrate for smearing or spraying
  • Cleans and removes odours for a long time by microorganisms
  • Eliminates odours of urine, excrement water, sweat and saliva
  • Removes strong-smelling ground markings
  • Reduction of breeding grounds for germs
  • Shown to improve hygiene
  • Well tolerated by skin and paws, pH 7.0
  • Tested by dermatologists and friendly to the environment

Application Areas:
- For the veterinary practice and for homes
- Treatment rooms and waiting rooms
- Animal cages and -enclosures
- Cat toilets
- Dog beds
- Horse boxes and riding equipment
- Carpets, upholstery and textiles

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Article Number 20532-1
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