Selectavet Bactisel HK 100g Can for Dogs and Cats

Supplementary food for dogs and cats for the stabilisation of the intestinal flora.

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Selectavet Bactisel HK 100 g Dose für Hunde und Katzen

One of the main functions of the physiological (normal) intestinal flora is the defense of extraneous germs (incl. disease producing bacteria). In a state of stress and/or a decrease in the autologous bacteria, intestinal infections can occur. In very young or old animals and in animals with other diseases such as infections or tumors this can even lead to death. Recent studies on the competition of germs have shown that, if the normal intestinal bacteria are missing, the oral intake of vital germs can reduce the penetration, adhesion and proliferation of diarrhea-causing germs and can even avert it completely when the animal is suffering only from a mild infection. In severe intestinal infections, the application of enterococcus faecium can give the organism time to activate its own defense system.

Bactisel-HK contains iyophilisated, microcapsuled, apathogenic (not disease causing) lactic acid bacteria of the type enterococcus faecium that can live and multiply in the intestinal tract. Digestive disorders are always accompanied by a deficient absorption or a lack of digestion of nutrients. Because of this the vitamins A, D and E, which are vital for the healing of the intestinal mucosa, have been added to Bactisel-HK.
Bactisel-HK is tailored to the needs of dogs and cats and is effective in the prevention of dysbiosis (too few microorganisms).

Before applying Bactisel-HK, you should consult your veterinarian to make sure serious illnesses can be ruled out.

Dextrose, whey powder, partially de-sugared corn starch, vegetable oil (sunflower oil)


crude protein 1,3%; crude fat 1,0%; crude fiber 0,2%; crude ash 2,6%

Feeding Recommendation:


  • 7 -15 kg body weight.: 6 g daily
  • 15-25 kg body weight.: 10g daily
  • 25 -50 kg body weight: 16 g daily
  • Over 50 kg body weight: 24 g daily


  • 6 g daily

Apply daily mixed in food . The product should be given for at least 7 days.

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