animonda Integra Protect Sensitive cat turkey + potato

Complete feed for the reduction of nutrient intolerance and allergies in cats.

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  • animonda Integra Protect Sensitive cat turkey + potato
Nutritional sensitivities and allergic symptoms are strongly increasing. As a result of the increasing environmental pollution and hectic life forms, often combined with considerable stress situations, our velvet paws also react more frequently with nutritional sensitivities and allergic symptoms. These are often associated with a protein and / or carbohydrate intolerance, which causes allergic reactions in the cats. The most common signs are skin symptoms, itching, vomiting, digestive disorders and diarrhea. The mentioned symptoms can occur suddenly and even with fodderings, which your cat has already tolerated without problems for a long time. With INTEGRA® Sensitive, animonda® has developed various foodstuffs that provide full nutrition for both a special and balanced diet as well as the well-being of cats in this difficult phase. All preparations contain only one protein and carbohydrate source to minimize the "allergy potential" in the feed. In addition, pure thistle oil serves as a supplier of valuable unsaturated fatty acids - for silky skin and healthy skin. Different varieties and two dosage forms facilitate the therapy. All varieties are suitable for lifelong feeding of the sensitive "patients" due to their carefully balanced composition and high acceptance and palatability. It is of particular advantage that INTEGRA® Sensitive is available as a moist and dry food, so that particularly "tricky" consumers can choose between two dosage forms and different varieties.
64% turkey (meat, liver, heart), broth, 4% potatoes, calcium carbonate, 0.5% thistle oil
Inhaltstoffe Einheit pro 100 g OS pro 100 g TS
Rohprotein g 10 47,5
Rohfett g 5,0 32,5
Rohfaser g 0,5 3,0
Rohasche g 2,0 7,0
NfE g 3,5 10
Feuchtigkeit g 79
Kalzium g 0,24 1,14
Phosphor g 0,21 1,0
Magnesium mg 15 55
Natrium g 0,14 0,67
Kalium g 0,21 1,0
Chlorid g 0,13 0,62
Schwefel g 0,17 0,81
Taurin mg 56,7 270
Linolsäure g 1,1 5,3
Ca:P 1,2:1
pH-Wert Urin Ca. 6,5


Zusatzstoffe Einheit pro 100 g OS pro 100 g TS
Vitamin A I.E. 2500 12500
Vitamin D3 I.E 15 95
Vitamin E mg 4 19
Weight of the cat Underweight
Normal weight Overweight
3 kg 285 g 255 g  
4 kg 345 g 315 g  
5 kg 380 g 345 g 285 g
6 kg 440 g 400 g 315 g
7 kg 470 g 430 g 340 g
8 kg   485 g 340 g
9 kg   515 g 370 g
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